Can I ride my UNI Moke / Swing using the thumb throttle only?

The thumb throttle is very helpful when it comes to accelerating your bike, assisting on uphill stretches or gliding along on flat ground without the need to pedal. The UNI Moke / Swing is designed as a pedal assisted e-bike though and NOT meant to be ridden with throttle only. It may lead to overheating motor and battery which reduces their lifespan considerably as well as reducing the overall range of the bike.

In addition, the thumb throttle is not legal in some European countries! The laws only permit a so-called push-assist / starting-aid to the max. 6km/h (3,7mph) which is also achieved by pressing and holding the '-' button on the bikes control unit.

Uni Moke / Swing is designed to be a pedal-assisted electric bicycle, not an electric motorbike propelled by throttle only. Riding only with throttle changes the way you ride considerably. The bicycle's components may suffer this way which leads to a shortened lifetime of motor, controller, and battery!