Do you offer speed or power tuning for UNI Bikes?

All UNI MK / Swing bikes are digitally restricted to 25km/h in Europe and 20mph in the United States even though their components would allow higher overall speed.

Tuning parts like the new freehub with freewheel which enhance the riding performance are available in our shop and entirely legal.

Either way, tuning an electric bike may lead to losing road legality in some countries depending on national e-bike laws. We strictly do not recommend making any technical modifications on any electronic parts of the bike to ensure your safety while riding and the safety of other traffic participants. We are also not taking over any responsibility in such cases, and any warranty will immediately be suspended!

Tuning an e-bike may be a criminal offense in some countries as maximum power output and speed will exceed the permitted values!

If you're planning on using your UNI Moke / Swing on private property only, those laws may not apply and allow you to operate the bikes without limited power output – check back with your local authorities!