Error Codes Bafang C961

Bafang C961 LCD Display (UNI MK / Swing / Bobber V4/V5/V6)

Error Codes Definition/Description Source/Part Solution/Handle
ER04 Throttle not returning to zero state Thumb Throttle Try to flick the throttle. Exchange throttle. Dry the throttle plug in the wiring harness!
ER05 Throttle abnormality Thumb Throttle Check connection, replug it. Replace throttle.
ER06 Low voltage protection Controller/Battery Check the battery voltage. Recharge Battery.
ER07 Overvoltage protection Controller/Battery Check the battery voltage. Wrong Battery: e.g. 48V instead of 36V
ER08 Hall Sensor Abnormality Controller/Motor Cable Check hall sensor cables/signal of hall sensors.
ER09 Phase line abnormality Controller/Motor Cable Check three-phase wires (yellow, green, blue) for damages, bents. Replace motor cable.
ER10 Controller overheat Controller Allow the system to cool down. Load too high (uphill, heavy cargo/passenger).
ER11 Temperature sensor in controller abnormality Check temperature sensor signal.
ER12 Current sensor abnormality Check signal
ER21 Speed sensor abnormality
ER22 Communication abnormality in BMS Controller/Battery
ER30 Communication abnormality Display/Controller Check wiring harness for damages/tilts. Make sure all cables/plugs are connected properly. Exchange the display unit.