Assembling the Mini Bicycle Trailer

How to assemble the mini bicycle trailer.

All mounting parts of each component group are separated into individual bags: trailer drawbar, axle mountings and tailgate lid.

The necessary tools are standardized ones: Ring Key Size 13 and 10, Allen Key Size 5 and 3, normal cross-head screwdriver + Allen key size 8 for the coupling mount (has to be mounted on the bike's right side).

  1. Mount the drawbar mounting adapters first using the four long screws + nuts and the indicated holes. Put in the drawbar and tighten the screws.
  2. Mount the wheels + axles on the axle adapters like shown in the pictures.
  3. Mount the axle kit with adapters on the underside of the trailer bed. Make sure the adapters face the way shown in the picture and the wheel valves face outwards so you can inflate them while the wheels are mounted.
  4. Mount the tailgate lid by using the necessary three hinges and screws.
  5. Attach the trailer drawbar to the right side of your bike using the provided M10 screw + washer (footpeg mount) or use the rear wheel axle as a mount.

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