Brake makes noise / squeak

My brakes squeal or cause a (regular) grinding noise.

  1. Make sure that your brake pads still have enough lining or have not worn out.
  2. Check the position of the corresponding brake calliper and recenter it if necessary.
  3. Therefore, slightly open the two adjustment screws on the brake caliper adapter so that it can move freely (Allen key size 5)
  4. Pull the brake so that the caliper centers itself and carefully retighten both screws. Make sure that there is a small, even gap between the brake pads and the brake disc in the unbraked condition. Brake pads and disc have to be parallel!
  5. Inspect the brake disc for unevenness or whether it is bent in places.
  6. Grade the brake disc with an appropriate tool or replace it if necessary.
  7. Also, make sure that there are no external objects on the brake discs / pads. Even moisture / water from e.g. rain can cause squeaking noises which disappear as soon as the brake system is dry again.
  8. Also, make sure that the brake pads are not glazed. Remove them and check the surface for reflections / shimmering. The pads are normally matt.
  9. In the case of glazing, simply remove the top layer of the coverings evenly with fine sandpaper / file.

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