Light is flickering / not working properly

My (front) light flickers or does not work properly or turns off and on at irregular intervals.

  1. Open your lamp housing by removing the lamp ring including the glass. Therefore, loosen both screws on the bottom of the lamp ring.
  2. Check the cable & plug connections of the light.
  3. Check the LED bulb.
  4. Measure the light cables with a voltmeter if necessary. (Output should have approx. 12V)

Lamp Housing & -ring

Add-on for UNI MK/Bobber/Swing models:

  1. Turn your bike around and open the controller housing (4x 3x Allen screws).
  2. Look there for a small black box – this is the 12V DC converter unit, which reduces the onboard voltage from 48V to 12V.
  3. Check all cable & plug connections of the converter and check the output voltage with a voltmeter (switch on the light on the display first!).
  4. Disconnect the converter unit from the light output of the controller and measure the output voltage there as well (switch on the light at the display!).
  5. Replace the converter unit if necessary.

Controller Housing Lid: