Hydraulic Brake has no pressure point anymore

My hydraulic brakes have no more pressure point or the brake lever(s) can be pushed through to the handlebar grip.

  1. Check the entire brake system for damage/crushing/leaks and leaking hydraulic oil.
  2. In the event of damage, the brake system must be replaced and refilled and bled.
  3. Check the position of the small grub screw on the corresponding brake lever. (see image below)
  4. With the grub screw, the position of the brake lever can be adjusted: The further the screw is turned into the lever piece, the greater the distance between the brake lever and the grip piece.
  5. Be careful not to screw the grub screw too far into the brake system, otherwise, irreparable damage of the hydraulic cylinder may occur. We're unable to take over any warranty in such cases.