(Dis-)Assemble/repair 7inch Headlight

My 7-inch headlight has damage and I want to change & fix e.g. the glass & reflector unit.

  1. Make sure your bike is switched off and the battery key is either set to "OFF" or there is no battery in the bike.
  2. Carefully pull the lamp cable out of the lamp housing and disconnect the plug connection.
  3. Now turn the lamp upwards by slightly loosening the two lamp holder screws left & right on the housing.
  4. Now loosen the two Phillips screws of the lamp ring on the bottom side.
  5. Use the screwdriver to lever up the lamp housing by carefully pressing it into the screw holes.
  6. The glass & reflector unit incl. lamp ring can now be removed to the front.
  7. The H4 socket plug can now be disconnected, then the rubber protection cap can be removed.
  8. To disassemble the glass & reflector unit, carefully remove the metal lamp clamps (three / four pieces) using pointed pliers.
  9. The glass & reflector unit can then be separated from the lamp ring and replaced.
  10. To reassemble simply follow the steps in reverse order.