Headset is loose / vibrates / has play

My steering head bearing has play/movement or it fails/vibrates when braking with the front brake. (Double Bridge Fork)

  1. Make sure that the front brake caliper is not the cause of the play, as it may be loosely / not properly screwed on.
  2. Check the tightness of the headstock and make sure that the bearing pin is completely recessed in the headstock and that the lower flange lies cleanly on the underside of the fork crown. Take the plastic cap out of the screw opening and tighten it if necessary (Allen key size 8). Hold the head bearing linkage from below with a 32mm open-end wrench.
  3. Tighten the bearing only so far that the steering is still free to move. If necessary, loosen the screw slightly.
  4. Alternatively, tighten the headset bearing well and then loosen it a little bit for sufficient clearance. This way you make sure that the steering pin is fully seated in the head bearing.
  5. If the steering head bearing loosens again, use Loctite / Screw tight when screwing.

Top view: Headset with screw (8mm Allen key)

Bottom view: Headset pin (32mm wrench)

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