Battery doesn't charge (entirely)

My Silverfish battery doesn't charge (entirely), what can I do? (UNI MK Classic, Swing, Bobber)

  1. Check the battery plug of your charger and make sure that all three pins in the charger plug are equally far forward so that everyone can make reasonable contact.
  2. Check the battery fuse of the charging socket for continuity and replace it if necessary:
  3. Make sure that your battery is not deeply discharged. Measure the output voltage of the battery poles with a voltmeter and make sure that the voltage is not significantly below the specified battery voltage.
  4. The red identification light is lit during the charging process. The green identification light lights up as soon as the charging process is completed or when charging is not in progress.

The fuses are standard fine-wire/ceramic fuses that are available at every electronics store or online for small money:

  • Charging Inlet Fuse: 5A, 5,0 x 20mm (slow blowing)
  • Battery Output Fuse: 20A, 3,6 x 32mm (slow blowing)