Adjust the mechanical gearing / Derailleur

The gear shifting does not work properly: gears stay, are skipped or the chain jumps.

  1. Relieve the rear wheel and have the pedal set free for cranking. Therefore, lean the bike slightly on the side stand or use a bike / assembly stand.
  2. Shift through all gears one by one while cranking by hand, first up, then down and locate the source of the error.
  3. Make sure that the Bowden cable of the gear shifting system sits cleanly and is properly tensioned. You can adjust the tension with the adjusting screw on the shifting arm.
  4. Turn the set screw to the left to tension the Bowden cable, turn it to the right to relax the cable.
  5. If you have shifted up one gear, but the chain does not jump to the next higher gear, the Bowden cable needs to be tensioned more.
  6. If you have shifted down a gear, but the chain stays where it is, relax the Bowden cable more.
  7. If gears are skipped, the cable is too tight or the shifting arm is not adjusted correctly.
  8. To adjust the shifting arm there are two screws on the arm itself, which determine its position in the smallest and largest gear.
  9. L stands for Low, the lowest gear (largest sprocket), H stands for High, the highest gear (smallest sprocket).
  10. Make sure that the shifting arm is always exactly under the corresponding gear wheel and readjust it if necessary.

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