Controller Unit Exchange

I received a new controller unit to exchange the current one on my UNI MK/Bobber/Swing E-Bike (Version V3 or newer).

  1. Flip your bike upside down. Use a softcover/blanket underneath to prevent scratches/damages on the handlebar or frame. Make sure your bike and battery is turned off!
  2. Open the controller housing lid by unscrewing the four Allen screws size 3 (see image). Then take off the lid.
  3. Carefully take out the controller unit (grey box with cable outlets) and unplug one at a time, while you replug the new controller unit cable connection/plug.
  4. Put the newly connected controller back in the frame housing and make sure all cables are placed within the housing neatly.
  5. Close the housing lid and tighten the four screws crosswise – do not overtighten them as the housing lid is made of plastic (in some cases) and might break.
  6. Flip around your bike again and make sure it turns on and works. Check the light, the starting-aid/walk-assist, the pedal assist and the PAS levels.

Controller housing lid