Mount thumb throttle & Fix non-working throttle

My thumb gas is not working/responding.

  1. Check if the pedal assistance works.
  2. Check the brake switch cables and sensors. There may be a continuous signal being sent that is causing this problem.
  3. Try turning the corresponding sensor on the brake lever further out. Replace it if necessary. (Consider the small grub screw below the cutoff input that fixes the cable input screw).

Wiring harness pin assignment

How to mount & connect my bike's thumb throttle unit?

  1. Open the Velcro sleeve which covers the wiring harness upfront at the handlebar.
  2. Look for the free 3-pin Higo round plug, that might be covered with a shrinking tube or a dust cap.
  3. Remove the right handlebar side's grip and brake lever and move the shifting unit further to the left.
  4. Put on the thumb throttle unit and put the brake lever and grip back into place – make sure to follow the handlebar fittings arrangement like shown in the following picture, in order to have access to all fittings.
  5. Connect the thumb throttle with the corresponding wiring harness outlet and cover it up again with the Velcro sleeve.
  6. Test your thumb throttle for function. Make sure to check your local/national laws regarding the use of thumb throttles on electric bikes prior to mounting it – we're not responsible for any actions or misuse of the throttle.
  7. Be aware that the use of a thumb throttle will put additional stress on all drivetrain and electrical components, therefore increasing the overall wear on parts.

Handlebar fittings arrangement

Gear shift – Thumb throttle – Brake lever – Handle