Battery Keys lost

I have lost the keys for my (UNI Bike) Silverfish battery, what should I do or how can I continue to use the battery?

  1. Make sure the keys can't be found after all, and especially check common locations like pants pockets, bike pockets, and your wallet!
  2. A key maker can make a new key based on one, but to do so he needs a sample or one of the original keys.
  3. It makes a difference if the battery is firmly inside the bike, or outside the bike and the key is missing.
  4. To get the locked battery out of the bike, please contact Urban Drivestyle Support ( including your order reference/number, email, frame number, and cause of key loss.
  5. Our batteries always come with a pair of keys. Should you lose both, we unfortunately cannot offer a direct replacement.
  6. If all battery keys are lost, the battery lock cylinder must be replaced. Please contact Urban Drivestyle Support ( for further instructions.
  7. In this case, the battery must definitely be sent to us. Our battery & charger manufacturer will then carry out a replacement of the battery lock including key.
  8. We strongly advise against tampering with the battery yourself and accept no responsibility or liability in the event of non-compliance.