Frame Number

Your unique defining feature

The FRAME NUMBER of your bike is its unique defining feature to determine the version of your bike. It is necessary for any support request, your affiliate account or in case of theft. Write it down, remember it and have it ready when you need it!

UNI MK/Swing/Bobber Frame Number

  • Pattern: No0???? (second digit stands for the version number) /  No???????? (first digit stands for the version number)
  • Location: Left battery side, cut into the frame vertically

UDX 204/Xoppa/Panza Frame Number

  • PatternAH??C????? / UD????????? / UD?????????P (P stands for full suspension Panza frame)
  • Location: Underside of the bottom bracket, needled into the frame coating

UNI Boost Frame Number

  • Pattern: WHMI????S??U?????? (certified vehicle according to the Ordinance on Very Small Electric Vehicles, EkfV)
  • Location: Side of the headset/headtube of the mainframe, needled into the frame coating

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