Mounting Pedals

How do I mount my bike's pedals?

  1. Unpack your pedals and check for the left/right indication on their threaded piece or on the pedal itself, as they're having different types of threads: L stands for left pedal, R stands for right pedal
  2. Insert the pedal thread straight into the corresponding crank arm thread and carefully tighten it by hand so you make sure not to cant both threads.
  3. To properly tighten it, use a 15mm wrench key (in some cases a 6mm Allen Key also works) and tighten it to approx. 30NM
  4. Do the same for the other side's pedal – the tightening direction is always in riding direction.
  5. Check your pedals for tightness regularly in order to prevent damage or losing them while riding.

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