Bike makes Noise

When riding / during operation, a squeaking / grinding / rattling / cracking noise can be heard on the bike.

  1. Locate the sound more precisely.
  2. Possible noise sources include the following:
    – Brakes or brake calipers (readjust/adjust, deglaze or change brake pads/discs)
    – Mudguards/Fenders (readjust)
    – Spokes (retighten)
    – Battery or battery key with key fob (readjust or fix)
    – Suspension fork (retract)
    – Gear shift or rear derailleur or cassette / sprocket (adjust / readjust)
    – Chain (chain link stiff and no longer freely movable, so that the chain jumps at some points)
    – Motor planetary gear or axle bearings / dust boots (lubricate/replace planetary gear or lubricate bearings & rubber boots)
  3. Once the cause of the noise has been identified, proceed as indicated under the relevant sub-items. (see battery, wheels, etc.).

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