Main Maintenance & Service Points

Main maintenance / standard maintenance points that should be checked regularly.

  • Check all bolts / nuts for strength / specified torque, especially moving parts such as pedals, bottom bracket, axle nuts, head bearings, etc.
  • Check brake system, readjust, change brake pads if necessary and bleed brake system if necessary, if a decent pressure point can no longer be established.
  • Check drivetrain, i.e. chainring, cassette, chain, gears, etc. and adjust if necessary, clean and lubricate regularly.
  • Check the function of the light(s) and make sure that the front light does not dazzle anyone and is adjusted correctly.
  • Check tire (tread), if necessary exchange front and rear tires at some point if the rear tread is noticeably worn or exchange both. Check air pressure regularly and adjust accordingly.
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