Export Version Road Use Authorization & Legality

Can I legally ride and use the export version of the UNI Bikes in Germany or EU countries and, if applicable, even register it for public road traffic according to the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) or other road traffic regulations by means of an insurance license plate or within the scope of the S-Pedelec class?

In Germany and most other EU countries, e-bikes/normal pedelecs with max. 250W continuous rated power and 25km/h motor assistance limit can be legally ridden and used.
A registration with an insurance license plate for the export version according to German road traffic regulations (StVO) or others is unfortunately not possible, because a so-called type approval for the S-Pedelec class is not available.
In Germany and the EU, the more powerful export version can only be used on private property and is not allowed on public roads.
Only Austria and Switzerland have minimally different legal bases here.

Before purchasing the export version, check with our support team as well as local authorities regarding legal use to avoid any complications with the vehicle later on.

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