Front Fender Mounting Bracket touches the front tire

    My front fender mounting bracket of the RX1 suspension fork grinds on the tire, how do I fix it?

  1. The distance between the mudguard bracket and the tire is an extremely accurate fit. Depending on the type of tire, the distance varies here. However, if the bracket and the tire have contact is not a further concern and can be remedied as follows.
  2. Loosen the front wheel axle nut on the corresponding side so that you can manually center the fork tube again and then tighten it again.
  3. If this is not enough, simply loosen both axle nuts to center the wheel and both dip tubes.
  4. Then tighten both axle nuts again, keeping the dip tubes fixed to prevent them from screwing in again or slipping.
  5. If that doesn't help, check the number of shims on both sides of the wheel and add another spacer on the affected wheel if necessary.
  6. In this case, the brake caliper adapter may have to be readjusted to prevent the brake from dragging.

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