Check & Tighten Screws & Hardware Parts

Regular checking and retightening of bolts and attachments is recommended and necessary to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience.

Especially the handlebar screws must be tightened properly to avoid slipping of the handlebar tubes and thus falls / injuries. To do this, tighten crosswise to about 30NM and then check and retighten each screw again, as they relieve each other.

  1. Handlebar
    8x M6 5 Allen screws of the handlebar tubes + display strut of the double bridge fork (UNI MK/Swing/Bobber)
    6x M6 5er/6er Allen screws of the stem of the BMX or RST fork (UDX)
  2. Headset / Head Bearing
    1x M8 8mm Allen screw (UNI MK/Swing/Bobber)
    1x M6/M8 5/8 Allen screw (UDX)
  3. Pedals
    2x 15 mm open-end wrench and/or 6 mm Allen wrench (depending on the pedal type)
  4. Crank/Pedal arms
    2x M8 8mm Allen screws
  5. Kickstand
    2x M6 5mm Allen screws
  6. Axle nuts front & rear
    2x 15 mm or 18/19 mm open-end wrench each

Handlebar fixing screws (8x 5 Allen screw) of the double bridge fork

BMX/RST Fork Handlebar & Stem Fixation Bolts

Pedal & crank arm bolts (15mm open-end/fork wrench and/or 6mm Allen wrench + 8mm Allen wrench)

Sidestand bolts and axle nuts (5 Allen screws and 15 or 18/19 open-end wrench)