How to insert the Anti-Puncture Tire Gel

How do I fill the anti-puncture gel or sealant into my tubes/tires?

For new bike orders we offer a factory filling, which is pumped directly in our bike production in the tubes / tires of the new bike.

  1. Turn your bike upside down and use a soft pad (towel/blanket) to avoid scratching the handlebars.
  2. Let all the air out of the tires, as written in point 2.
  3. Unscrew the valve cores from the tubes (supplied valve wrench tool required).
  4. Fill one bottle (400 ml) of tire sealant into each tube.
  5. Screw the valves back into the tubes.
  6. Fill the tubes / tires with air (1.5 bar - 2.0 bar, depending on the type of tire installed).
  7. Ride the bike for at least 5 km so that the agent can distribute itself extensively in the bicycle tube.

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