Opening the Bike Package & Storing it correctly

This is how you open the freshly delivered packaging of your new bike properly so that it remains reusable.

Our UNI Bike packaging is designed to be reusable at least once in the event of a claim or maintenance, if opened properly – Be sure to keep it, as the material, shipping and handling costs for a new box, as well as its transportation, must be borne by the customer.

  1. Open both (plastic) tension straps that are wrapped around the entire package at the front and back by cutting them.
  2. Now release the copper staples that are placed all around the package just above the bottom – To do this, reach under the outer cardboard sleeve and gently lift/pull it outward so that the staples release from the cardboard bottom unit - do this on all four sides of the package.
  3. Then lift the entire cover part away from the top so that it lies on the front side and the bike with cover stands in the cardboard base unit – hold it firmly if necessary so that it does not fall over.
  4. In the cover unit is still the Welcome Box with all important contents to the bike, such as battery key, tool kit, manual, bike passport, etc. – this can be easily removed.
  5. Now simply lift the bike out of the floor unit and set it down safely by folding out the side stand. Now you can remove the cover and start assembling the bike.
  6. Be sure to keep the bike packaging, as in the event of a claim, maintenance or return, the bike must be repacked in its original packaging so that it can be picked up.
  7. If new packaging is required for the return transport to us, the material and shipping costs are to be borne by the customer.